What's hypnotherapy good for?
You'd be surprised!

image The possibilities for using hypnotherapy in a therapeutic setting are almost endless, and there are many clinical studies which show that the rate of recovery from disease is directly impacted by how positive the patient feels about the likely outcome.

We use different forms of hypnosis to engage the subconscious in various ways, according to the health condition that the hypnotherapist is treating.

For example, visualisation techniques, where you are shown how to imagine a certain outcome, helps you attract it into your life. This is similar to positive thinking but by engaging the subconscious mind, it also engages 'positive feeling' as well and this makes it much more powerful.

We also use guided imagery techniques as well as direct suggestion. This works well when the client is feeling insecure or afraid or subject to panic attacks. Engaging the subconscious mind with positive affirmations such ‘you feel safe’ has much more effect than just repeating those same affirmations from the conscious mind.

We also use indirect suggestion or post-hypnotic suggestion when you are given a suggestion to carry out after the hypnosis has ended. However, this is only done with your agreement and in line with the desired outcome of the treatment which is agreed between the practitioner and the client during the consultation.

Hypnotherapy is very effective for use in controlling pain and also relieving it, including during childbirth. It's also good for reducing anxiety and stress, for treating insomnia, for psychosomatic illnesses such as tension headaches, and for obesity and low self esteem issues.

Hypnotherapy has had great success with treating all addictions, especially in helping people to stop smoking.

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